Bringing Data Alive with Google Forms & Sheets

What You'll Learn

Who Should Attend

Who wants to learn how to simplify the data collection from the survey, feedback, etc 

Businesses interested in developing customer satisfaction surveys

Who wants to remotely test the student's / employees' knowledge

Who wants to learn how to analyse the collected data

Course Content

-  Create Forms Template

- Forms Sharing Setting (Responses, Presentation)

- Type of Questions

- Forms Section

- Response Validation

- Send Form and Pre-filled Form

- Do more with Add-Ons

- Data Cleaning

- Analyze Data using Pivot Table, Merge, Count, etc

- Present Data

Course Schedule & Fees

Slots in 2024:  

( TBA )

Session Duration:

9:30am - 5:30pm 

Session Venue:

Virtual via Google Meet

Course Fees:

RM450/pax (subject to 8% SST)