Interact Efficiently Using Google Sheets

What You'll Learn

Who Should Attend

User who want to get better at analyzing data or building spreadsheets

Business professionals, who want to increase the efficiency of their reporting work

Anyone who wants to learn, and take advantage of the power of Google Sheets

Course Content

Conditional Formatting (Create, Copy and Find Duplication)

- Working with Counting function (COUNT, COUNTIF, COUNTA, COUNTBLANK)

- Data Protection function (WORKSHEET / RANGE / CELL PROTECT)


- Consolidate Data from Multiple Spreadsheet & Linking Worksheets (IMPORTRANGE)

- Working with IF function (IF, NESTED IF, IFERROR, IF with AND, IF with OR statement)

- Filter data for specific data extraction (FILTER, SORT, UNIQUE)

- Working with Lookup function (VLOOKUP,  HLOOKUP,  LOOKUP,  INDEX, MATCH)

- Retrieving Data with Google Function (QUERY,, ARRAYFORMULA)

- Data Slicer

- Pivot Table

- Chart

Course Schedule & Fees

Slots in 2024:  


Session Duration:

9:30am - 5:30pm

Session Venue:

Virtual via Google Meet

Course Fees:

RM600/pax (subject to 8% SST)